Comments :   Great event, our doxie Rupert had a great time socializing and getting his fortune told! :)
Your Name :   Vero & Jorge
Doxie Name(s) :   Rupert
Comments :   We had a great time, it was the second Winterfest for Heidi and the first one for Pogo, he is a Dachshund Recue South Florida Alumni. It was great to see Pogo saying hi to Pam. Great Event!!!
Your Name :   Maria Estevez
Doxie Name(s) :   Heidi and Pogo
Comments :   The best event of the year! :)
Your Name :   Adriana & Billy
Doxie Name(s) :   Pasha
Comments :   I LOVE IT...
Your Name :   carolina
Doxie Name(s) :   mocha
Comments :   We LOVED it!!!
Your Name :   Codgie
Doxie Name(s) :   Calee
Comments :   This was our first Weinerfest. It was AMAZINGLY fun!!! My boyfriend and our dog Fred, had such a great time. Met super nice people and their wieners. Cant wait till the next one!!!
Your Name :   Misty
Doxie Name(s) :   Fred
Comments :   2nd year coming to Dachshund Fest My doxie Twix, Maya, & Cooper love it
Your Name :   Perez Family
Doxie Name(s) :   Twix,Maya,Cooper
Comments :   So excited to come to my first Winterfest! I LOVE Dachshunds!!
Your Name :   Marian Strohmeyer
Doxie Name(s) :   Oscar
Comments :   So excited!!!
Your Name :   Roselynn & Danny
Doxie Name(s) :   Peanut
Comments :   Were all so excited for this weekend :)
Your Name :   Ruth & David
Doxie Name(s) :   Chico
Comments :   This has become an annual event for our entire human /doxie family!! We wouldnt miss it even though our thirteen yr old doxie is getting a little long in the tooth.
Your Name :   The Feldman family
Doxie Name(s) :   Honey
Comments :   Looks like a lot of FUN!
Your Name :   Tish Talikka
Doxie Name(s) :   Tailgate & Rally
Comments :   I wish we were there
Your Name :   Gary lynall
Doxie Name(s) :   Ballough, Lydia, Scrappy-Doo
Comments :   there is no hound except the dachshund!
Your Name :   karin
Doxie Name(s) :   roxie
Comments :   This will be our first time and so looking forward to it.
Your Name :   Lisa & Brad Higgins
Doxie Name(s) :   Bailey & Frankie
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